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Select one of our digital programmes below and receive the free e-book just incase you haven't subscribed and downloaded it yet.


This daily messaging program for 28 days is targeted at helping you manage and overcome your anxiety. The daily content will keep you focused while teaching you to break the habits that exacerbate your anxiety whilst empowering you to become your own authority and the master of your emotional well-being.


For 28 days, you will receive an instruction or reflection exercise via email, so don't forget to check your junk mail if you do not see it. Your daily email will come from


The concepts / values / imaginings of this course are thought provoking, dimension shifting, yet playful) so have Fun, Learn and Grow. Challenge yourself. Work hard and apply each daily assignment/thought experiment/mindfulness exercise to everything within the 24 hour period. 


Our commitment is clarity, wake-up calls, beauty and truth. You have to do your part, we meet you halfway.

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