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Kirsten Langkilde

Operations Warrior

I’m what you call a Fire Starter. What’s a Fire Starter you ask? That’s a great question and I’m still defining it but you’ll find I’m probably one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. That passion ignites a fire in my belly and propels me, and those around me, in to action.  

I see a need and I envision a fix. You could call me a problem solver. I gravitate towards challenges and I master them. This pattern has led me down a very unique career path as I find myself leaning into different problems across a breadth of industries and learning the skills required to solve them along the way.

It helps that I’m one of those individuals that leaves no stone unturned, dots every i and crosses every t. I interrogate the problem no matter how complex to ensure we’re actually solving it, not just treating the symptom.  

My passion is infectious and serves to fuel inspiration and collaboration.

+27 822 4060

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