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Francesqua Darling

Lead Warrior

A successful counselling or coaching journey is a piece of art. But being art does not mean that the counsellor can make the profile, or shape the client. What the coach must do is to make it possible for the client to become themselves. Francesqua does not come from any particular lineage of study, method or practice. She is insatiably curious for all kinds of body/mind/spirit resources and does not limit her inquiries. Francesqua resents and resists the commodification of consciousness and creativity. Those belong to no one and to everyone.
Francesqua has spent 30 years studying and practicing the fields of psychology and metaphysics.

Francesqua sees clients for therapy/counselling/coaching and is passionate about facilitating groups. She designs courses and workshops from her own journey and experience. Most workshops will have a foundation in psychology and metaphysics. As above, so below.
Her teaching is rhizomatic: it propagates laterally - not from the top > down.
She can ‘transfer’ complex ideas to people, simply. She can marry diverse complexities into a simple and highly effective singularity. She is a proponent of holism.
She has the ability to show up, as herself, and wildly appreciate the dance.
She can sling words around in snappy ways too.

+27 76 846 4207

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