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turn suffering into joy for your most powerful human experience 


Anxiety has become synonymous with our daily existence. But the power of a word that says so little about what emotional response our bodies are actually experiencing is completely overlooked by our familiarity to its use. ‘Anxiety’ doesn’t help to illuminate what you are feeling or to understand your emotional response to a situation or thought. It does exactly the opposite. It dislocates. This book teaches you how to feel. Simple. But something so simple as feeling truthfully is a revolutionary act if you have never learned to discern anticipation from excitement or frustration from hopelessness. In learning to locate what you feel, you place yourself in a position to respond appropriately. And it is precisely this knowledge that frees us from the constant frictions and turmoil of dislocation, or what we call anxiety.

Download our anxiety e-book to reframe your anxiety and use the correct emotion and then work with it.



Each of us has in this moment the experience of every age that we have ever been. Our wounds, our traumas, our wisdoms all become us. We have the power to act from a place of wisdom, to respond to life instead of reacting. But most of us have never learned the mechanics of power, and how to discern response from reaction in our own behaviour. This book gives you the insight and understanding of how to stay in your power and to make empowered choices, and with that to break out of the patterns of anxious reactionary behaviour.


Shame is part of the human experience. No one is exempt. Dirty Shame destroys humanness. Our capacity for creativity, passion and soulfulness is what is impacted. When you understand shame in yourself and others, you can redefine your relationship with shame and turn it from self punishment and self sabotage into love, remorse and compassion.

Download our shame manifesto which gives you the compass to negotiate the territory of your shame. 





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