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Three 3's = 9 Symbolic

turn suffering into joy for your most powerful human experience 


Join our WhatsApp groups for $17 a month to refine and hone your psychological skills. Most days we post our one of a kind hacks, reminders and inspirational ideas for living your life, free from anxiety, shame and powerlessness. We respond to your questions on the group.



Find out what your power really is, and how to stop it leaking.


Your SHAME says a lot about what you are not. Find out your particular flavour of SHAME and how to turn it into a superpower.


If you have successfully applied the 3 free Frames (Anxiety, Power, Shame) to your life, you are ready for the 4th Frame, TIME.

How to change your past, you have to look at your past through the lens of your secure NOW. And the way you make your NOW insecure is by looking at your NOW through the lens of your insecure PAST.

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